Rebel gameplay

Fresh experiences

Heavy Devil
Are you skilled enough to be #1?

Heavy Devil is a challenging fast-paced arcade game of action and reflexes that you can play with just a tap of your finger.

Prepare for a hard challenge! You will need to push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and explode your way through dangerous enemies and spiky obstacles.

Do your best, get some high scores and climb up your way up to the #1 of the leaderboard!

PercentEat food diary
You can even eat bacon!

PercentEat is a revolutionary food diary that uses percentages instead of standard calories. This way is easier to control what you eat every day.

Besides, there are no prohibitions! You can lose weight eating what you want with the PercentEat diet. Even bacon from time to time!

Who made all this cool stuff?
Francisco Lorca, game developer.

I am currently based on Cartagena, Spain. Passionate about new technologies and games since I was a little boy, I studied computer science on college, and right now I am trying to create new fresh gameplay experiences. I hope do you enjoy my work!